Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Progressives against the North American Union

This article from Alternet gives some good arguments agains the "Security and Prosperity Partnership." - Allan in Highwood


Anonymous said...

The authors of this article use the word "Xenophobes" a few times to often when they talk about people on the right taking issue with the SPP.

The discussion following the article is, contrary to that, a good exchange.

I'd like to encourage you to read the following entry by user pfeifer999. It is called "Unnecessary ideological divisiveness". Also the follow-ups to this post are really good.

-- Johannes

Americans In Europe For Ron Paul said...

I tried to ignore the rhetoric and get to the common ground I hold with the author. Perhaps that is something I do to often. You point out an important point about the divisiveness.

Thanks for directing me to pfeifer999's post. She made a lot of sense. The 2nd follow up is a little better than the 3rd, as the gentleman in the third appears inconsistent.

Something I ought to learn from you is to read more of the discussions that follow an article.

Allan in Highwood