Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Springfield with ISRA

I went to the State Capital today as part of a 2nd Amendment citizen lobbying group. Good experience. Lots of people wearing the yellow shirts, buttons, and hats of the organization (Illinois State Rifle Association) were there (about 4,000 of them) and they pretty much had the run of the building. That was good to see - private citizens making themselves at home in the land of the lawmakers and corporate lobbyists.

This is the chamber of the Illinois General Assembly. (By about noon, they had already stopped their session for the day)

This is the other side of the legislature - the Illinois State Senate.

Offices in this building were very hard to find. On top of that, out of concerns for terrorism, the ladies at the information desk refused to give me or even show me a map of the building.

Here, I am seeking out a member of the Illinois General Assembly to talk with him about a bill that he put forward in response to the latest shootings in gun free zones near Chicago.

Maybe also for terrorism purposes (or because someone is just plain dumb) or maybe (probably the right answer) government in Illinois just works in this obfuscational way. The sign that showed what members were in what office is hidden behind a plant.

Here is a committee meeting. In one of those "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" kind of ways, I won't share my thoughts on the committee meeting.

(I couldn't get the picture to download, so I will try it again another day).

Here is a map that a guy brought. The map pointed out how Illinois and Wisconsin have unusually strict gun laws (when compared to the other 48 states).

(also a failed download attempt)

The was a reception. A State Senator from the Kirk event even appeared there and said to me "Yeah, Kirk gets all kinds of types at his meetings" when I went over and said hello to him. There were some nice folks there and I was happy to just talk to a few of them and to hear what was on their minds. They also had free Budweiser on tap and some snacks. The bus ride home, a lady and two guys and I talked for about an hour. It was good stuff. The woman will be debating one of my senator's Legislative Aides tomorrow on the topic of illegal immigration. She is associated with an organization called FAIR.

A good day/night to all of you.

- Allan in Blue Island

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