Friday, March 14, 2008

A Request from Charlie

This is a follow up from Charlie in Wisconsin. Is anyone out there able to help him with identifying any specific denials of service under a socialized healthcare plan? If so, please send it over to our email address in the sidebar to the right of this post with "A Request from Charlie" in the subject line. Thank you.
- Allan in Blue Island


Thanks for your kind note.

I remember reading an article in one of the big british newspapers ( I believe that it was the Independent) , about five years ago, stating that under the british system half of the people who need dialysis do not get it. I had to ask my RN wife " What happens when a person needs dialysis and does not get it?". She said: "They die."

I can't find the article.

My liberal friends are all over me for my note. If you or your people could find this or similar articles, I would be grateful.



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