Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ben and Ron together at last ! !

This article essentially has nothing valuable in it other than the fact that - BEN AND RON PAUL WILL BE IN THE SAME TOWN TWO WEEKS FROM NOW. Wait, I think I jumped the gun on that one. Ben's leaving town two days before the arrival of Ron Paul.

Good thing too. One city cannot handle two prophets at one time.

In fact, sometimes one state cannot handle two (honest money) prophets at the same time (Andrew Jackson and "Old Bullion" Benton for example).

Who is "Old Bullion" Benton you may ask. Well, in this article from the Mises Institute, Rothbard writes that he does not think much of a US history book that does not mention Benton. That was enough for me look the man up.

History teachers out there. Do you know Sen. Benton?

- Allan in Blue Island

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