Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Chicago Way

I'm back home in Blue Island and would just like to post a quick thank you here for the kind "namesday" wishes that I have received (March 8 = Alan).

I think there are quite a few readers of this who would appreciate the following link, an article that I was just directed to by a family member, the video and article, both by John Kass, deliver a good definition of what "The Chicago Way" is.

Do not be quick to disregard this piece of regionalism, just because it comes from a city that you might not like much, or you might not be familiar with. Please, instead pay great attention to it, so that you are not shocked if the stories about what Barack Obama had to do in order to get elected come out.

A good day to you all. I promise to soon include pictures and further details of my trips East to DC and South to Texas.

in Blue Island, IL

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