Saturday, March 22, 2008

Anti-War March in Chicago

I attended an Anti-War March on Wednesday night. It began outside of the federal court house. About 2,200 attended. Considering the fact that the Iraqi War is in its fifth year and that it has become such an unpopular war, that is a surprisingly low number. Of course, however, one must ask the question - what is accomplished by such a march? Is that goal valuable enough to get others out to march?

It was off-putting when the anti-war gathering was used as a platform for other political viewpoints. The presence of Puerto Rican flags, for example, outnumber American flags on the podium.

When I asked the folks near me aloud "Wasn't this supposed to be an anti-war march?" the five who were within earshot turned to me showing empathy for my annoyance. They too did not seem to appreciate the political tangent that the speakers were going off on.

Before the 10th or so speaker had finished speaking, a group had congregated in the street and start marching away. I was all too happy to come see the demonstration begin.

Along the route, I met some interesting folks there and it was great getting to bounce my ideas off of other well read regular folks with opposing viewpoints. Excellent time for dialog along the several mile long route.

Afterwards, some folks in the street refused to move and there was a little "We are tougher than you" contest between them and some police officer on four-wheelers.

Back home from there.

A good Easter weekend to all of you.

- Allan in Blue Island, IL


Anonymous said...

you dumb fuck ... look up Puerto Rico and Vieques... you'll then understand the presence of Puerto Rican Flags at an anti - war march...

Anonymous said...

Puerto Rican flags at an anti war march make perfect sense if you understand the history of war and colonialism led by the united states in Latin America. Puerto Rico is a modern day colony of the United States of America and there has been a long history of genocide led by this country. To come out against the war on the Iraqi people is not just to say no to that war but to every war in every part of the globe. These comments about the Puerto Rican flag show why it is important to wave them at events such as an anti war protest. People in this country often forget that there is a war happening right here and there are political prisoners right here not just in other parts of the world. Please educate yourself before you may ignorant comments and thanks for noticing our flags of resistance!!!!!