Sunday, March 2, 2008

Interesting talk...

Spent the last 30 min, sitting and talking to Dr. Paul. He is such a normal guy that it is almost abnormal. Humble and genuine, yet terribly knowledgeable and well-informed. Not alot of guys can spend much time in DC and still keep that sense of being a regular guy.

He just stopped in where the four of us were working and we all took a break and spoke for a bit.

I'm still trying to get on top of the ball as much as the other guys are. I've fit myself into things well, but it seems to me like a good rule - to not go to a place to help out with a campaign unless you plan on spending a minimum of two weeks there. It's unlikely that I can be as effective as I am able to be here, due to the brief time I will be here prior to the election. Time to get back to work.

-in Lake Jackson, TX


Larry said...

Hello Allan,

greetings from Germany! Have you pictures of your meeting with Dr. Paul? Would be so nice to see them posted!


Americans In Europe For Ron Paul said...

Forgive me for not having taken a picture. I agree with you, I really would have liked to have taken one. It just would have felt so awkward. The man was just sitting around with us talking like a regular guy. Everyone takes pictures of the man, everyone gets his autograph. Not everyone tells him things that he doesn't know. (I felt pretty good about being one of those guys). However, he did let me know that everyone, including me, asks him for his endorsement. Please accept my apology. The next time that I come in contact with the man, I will tell him "Dr. Paul, I'd like to take a picture for the supporters back in Europe." Wishing you well, Larry.