Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Government for All People

Forgive me for using the term "one world government," but it is the most accurate term I can think of to describe a world that has a single ruling body. It's interesting to step away from Slovak politics for a bit and to listen to the American paranoia about one world government (a paranoia that I believe is well-placed). In America, you are told you are a nut if you make such accusations that the US will one day not be a sovereign nation. In Slovakia, where, according to the Slovak Spectator, 75% of laws are now written in Brussels, being subservient to a supranational government has been accepted as a fact of life. Here, here, here, and here are internet pages sharing some details about Slovakia today and show a lack of opposition to Slovakia's obedient march away from sovereignty. While many people I know talk about how much they hate Fico and some talk about how they like him, I personally have not taken much time to follow the man. I do however, respect his talk of slowing Euro adoption. Since it serves as sort of a fake opposition to one world government, perhaps I should actually despise him. Does anyone out there know popular Slovak politicians who are know openly opposing switching to the Euro?
Allan in Blue Island, IL

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