Thursday, March 27, 2008

I think the blackout has come to an end

Will someone please explain to me, 1. why the Ron Paul media blackout has come to an end? (I think I find more mention of him now than I did, say three weeks ago when he was running a hot and heavy Congressional bid). 2.why I can now only find kind things about Ron Paul?

Here he is referred to by the Guardian as "one of America's most fascinating political figures" and the author calls for him to be Secretary of State. Here he is receiving praise from FOX! WaPo wants a Paul-Gravel libertarian ticket. And, of course, here we can always count on Andrew Sullivan for some good Ron Paul talk. Sullivan explains why Paul still scares the GOP, says look at this mess Ron Paul is right, talks about the concept of being conservative, and says that RP will be remembered much more kindly by history than the chattering classes presently realize.

- Allan in Blue Island


Anonymous said...

I have finally come to the realization that the U.S. political system is too broke to fix and the will to be non-corruptible cannot exist in DC.
Ron Paul would be my choice as prez, but unfortunately our presidents are likely/appear to be 'chosen' every four years by powers far beyond the mere voter. I also feel this situation has existed for many decades and yet again, the political theater will play out on the MSM and everyone will be happy with the anointed one and fall all over themselves to vote for these vermin.
Alas America I knew ye well.

Nate Glenn said...

The reason the blackout has been (partially) lifted is simple. They feel that there is much less danger that Ron Paul will end up in the white house, so it is safer to mention is name. He is also, quite obviously, the only candidate who is remotely interesting, in fact, he is one of the very few people in washington who is not a cipher, a stooge, a sold out, corrupt, employee of the decadent elite. He is one of the very few who will not be reviled or forgotten by future generations who look back on this tragic time when America was destroyed, and so many people all over the world were exploited and murdered by the shadowy puppet masters who pulled the strings of this sham democracy.

Carl Pruitt said...

Strangely enough. Fox Business Channel has been fairly supportive of Ron Paul from its beginning.

Anonymous said...

The whores we call journalists killed Ron Paul and now, like decent and respectful whores, they speak kindly of the the dead. After all, they must keep their audience comfy for the next commercial.

Mr. Impractical said...

Well, they've got to have something interesting to talk/write about in order to keep market share and sell advertisers' products, don't they?

And like nate glenn said, only Dr. Paul is interesting. (Wouldn't you soon grow weary of trying to invent "interesting" differences between the "mainstream" candidates?)

Anonymous said...

Don't blame just the establishment.

RP's campaign convinced me that people vote, to a large extent, based on their short-term "Net Present Value of Government".

50+ % of people get $ from Washington, including a large number of business people who depend on Fed contracts.

There can be no reform until everyone's NPVG is so small it doesn't influence their judgment. That is, until after the inevitable crash.

These are the system dynamics that drive countries over the edge. No country has gone so far into socialism and/or militarism as the US has achieved, then exited without a political-economic-social catastrophe, including blood in the streets.

I don't expect the US to be the first.

All people who value freedom can do is keep the idea live that the US had a golden age, and that it was based on Freedom == Limited Government.

Next time, we put in the meta-level statements about how the Constitution MUST BE interpreted, and an enforcement mechanism that is a lot more enduring and instantaneous than the Founder's concepts of 'honor'.

Anonymous said...

Sort of like the ref who throws the game one way, then in the dying minutes when the outcome is assured, calls a token penalty the other way to make like the game was fair.

Anonymous said...

That's easy, they're kind to him because they're trying to sway his supporters to vote for their candidate.