Monday, March 24, 2008

Making sure every single American viewer knows that TV signals will be different

If I watch TV for an hour, I see an average of 1 or 2 references to the DTV switchover in February of 2009. The last commercial I saw directed the viewer to a ".gov" domain for further information.

What does it say about a country that more resources seem to be spent on preparing every TV viewer for the switch in technology than was spent presenting multiple viewpoints in the invasion leading to the war in Iraq five years ago.

I actually feel insulted every time I see a reference to the DTV switch. I feel insulted every time I'm reminded by someone that the US taxpayer is going to finance the switch for just about anyone who wants the switch to occur.

Above, I'm posting a letter from our dear friend Ben, that deals with a similar theme. What I must say I am grateful for, however, is how many dedicated people there are out there to fighting the lack of information that Ben mentions.

I too am looking forward to hearing more of Ben's future plans.

- Allan in BI

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