Tuesday, October 30, 2007

WaPo Traffic Goes Up When they write about Ron Paul

Short article with interesting discussion on Ron Paul's influence. I especially like the quote: "[Ron Paul] is not just a creation of a bunch of consultants." - Allan

Washington Post traffic goes up when they write Ron Paul articles

Anne Kornblut from the Washington Post says internet traffic goes up when they write about Ron Paul. When interviewed as a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show Anne Kornblut said,

”This is the reason that you’re even putting him on your show it is to spike your ratings. We know that every time we write about him, hits to our website, it’s not a joke, its amazing, every time we write about him, the hits to the Washington Post website go up.

It was a startling statement considering that the Washington Post is ranked 755 on Alexa.com. She continued, “They’ve raised him money. I think if you measure the money alone this isn’t just a phenomenon”

Rosa Brooks, of the LA Times, who made it a point to say that she is not a Paul supporter said:

“He is a genuine phenomenon, he is not a media creation and thank God that Ron Paul is our there. I think Ron Paul knows something the other candidates probably deep down in their little shriveled hearts know but are scared to let themselves feel. People will vote for you even if they don’t agree on everything. If they feel like you’re a guy or a gal that has a conscience, got some integrity, and calls it like you see it. And is not just a creation of a bunch of consultants”

Tucker Carlson said he agreed with most of Paul’s issues but said that he didn’t support a gold standard.

In a recent debate Paul pointed out that “since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 a dollar then is only worth 4 cents today”. Paul supports reforming the monetary system by authorizing competing currencies backed by gold and silver. Paul has made the case that ‘empire overseas’ and a ‘fiat currency’ are contributing factors to causing economic strain on Americans.

While the pundits attempted to explain why Ron Paul has such tremendous support and they did try to couch Paul’s common sense issues as a bit strange, there seemed to be an indirect implication and almost an early explanation of why Paul will do well in the early primaries like New Hampshire.

Media outlets have been slowly back tracking from apparently inaccurate polls that have been saying for months that Ron Paul’s support is only at 1% and are starting to change polling data to reflect reality. A new poll in New Hampshire shows Paul at 7.4%.

Paul’s campaign if it wins New Hampshire may prove media generated polls to be obsolete or at best a useless and lagging indicator. Visit the USA Daily Forum to discuss this and other issues.

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