Sunday, October 28, 2007

This November 5th

This is a note from our friend Jano, a reporter in Slovakia, who wanted to draw our attention to a fundraising event on November 5 (Guy Fawkes Day). - Allan

Hi guys,
good job with that video

I wanna draw your attention to this in a case you haven't seen it yet: It's a grassroot effort to donate Ron 10million bucks in a single day (!!!). Maybe their goal is too high but you always have to set your goals higher so you can reach the best you can. Since they have more than 10,000 subscribers already it might really bring a significant amount of cash.

Anyway, Matej, I actually don't see RP Revolution as the reflection of French Revolution, in fact, I see it as a complete opposite. While French Revolution was a violent riot against the natural order that launched the offense of socialism, Ron Paul 'Revolution' is a peaceful effort that could launch the end of it.


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