Monday, October 15, 2007

An interesting twist in Nevada

I'm sure many Ron Paul supporters have gotten sick of hearing that Ron Paul has stormed to victory in yet another state's straw poll. This one is different though, I promise. Thank you to "-D.," who took note of Ron Paul's victory, in absentia. - Allan

Thought you might like to know that Ron Paul recently won a Straw Poll in Nevada and Mitt Romney was actually at the place where they had the vote and he still lost. I might have to ask my lawyers on this one, but you'd think that if you show up to an event, you would win the poll at the event. Guess not.

- D

P.S. As I (and the people who commented on the article) noticed, Paul's name occurs twice, and the rest of the article is devoted to Romney. Need I say, "ridiculous"?


Posted: Sunday, October 14, 2007 2:26 PM by Chuck Todd

From NBC/NJ's Erin McPikeSPARKS, Nev. – Ron Paul won the GOP presidential straw poll conducted by organizers at the Conservative Leadership Conference held at the Nugget Casino this weekend “by a large margin,” according to an organizer.

Paul won with 33 percent, Romney came in second with 16 percent and Duncan Hunter was just behind with 15 percent. "Undecided" was fourth with 11 percent, and Thompson and Giuliani were next and ahead of the rest of the pack -- all in single digits. Raw numbers haven't been provided, but there were approximately 430 registrants at the opening of the conference.

Although many of the Republican presidential teams had surrogates representing them at the conference, Mitt Romney and Duncan Hunter were the only candidates to speak at the conference, and the victor himself was not there. Story Continues

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