Friday, October 19, 2007

The Smear Continues - Enter AlterNet

AlterNet has always been an impressive news outlet for me, at which, nearly every day, I’ve found a fresh take on some piece of information. All reporters have some type of bias in their writing, but AlterNet, regularly does a good job in providing an alternative bias as compared to what I might expect. At times, AlterNet is not tough enough on Democrats, and in this respect it tends to be partisan, and perhaps even seems to seek to unite voters around the Democratic Party. As a follow-up to the article “-D” sent on white supremacists in the mainstream media, I want to attach this AlterNet article. The fact that this usually fair-minded news source won’t try to give Ron Paul’s viewpoints unbiased coverage is distressing. I don’t get the Ron Paul smear campaign. I don’t get what’s so scary about his ideas that people won’t hear them out. It’s frightening to think that even online media sources that market themselves with a name like AlterNet can’t seem to break out of the mold. Other AlterNet readers found the article equally disturbing. Nowhere on the site was “RON PAUL 2008!!!!!!” posted by someone commenting, or any other slogan in support of the candidate. I think the comment board on the site just shows that some fair minded individuals read this article, and others, and asked “What gives?” - Allan

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