Thursday, May 1, 2008

Peter James on Money

Peter James is the Republican candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 4th congressional district. Running as a “Ron Paul Republican”, he caught my attention when speaking at the Freedom Rally in Washington DC on April 15th.

There is one thing that Peter James cares about more than anything else and that’s the current monetary system. On his website this reads as follows:

There is one single issue that so threatens our nation that all others pale by comparison. That is the creation of Money as Debt by the private banking monopoly. This is the greatest scam ever operated in history. It is a classic Ponzi scheme of gigantic proportions. Once you understand how the current money issuance system works, you will never look upon the world in quite the same way.

So to have people understand how the current monetary system works is a major concern of his. He wants to educate people on the issue, starting as early as kids in grade school. After all, he says, “it is a fundamental right to know what money is”.

Concerning the deficiencies of the current monetary system, one of the solutions he proposes is the issuance of local currencies. Consequently he is currently introducing such a local currency (Just Money) in his hometown Germantown, MD.

Last week I sat down with Peter James to talk about all this. See the interview at The Free Lunch.

-- Johannes


Sherry said...

I'm a Ron Paul supporter in Texas, & I'd love to see rss feed or Feedburner installed on your blog so that I can subscribe & not miss any posts. Keep up the great blogging.

Americans In Europe For Ron Paul said...

Excellent, Johannes. Excellent interview. I will send the man off an email immediately. - Allan

Americans In Europe For Ron Paul said...

Does anyone know hos to do the RSS feed or Feedburner that Sherry mentions here? I tried doing RSS a few times, but failed, and never made time to return to the project.
- Allan