Saturday, May 3, 2008

Articles following up from Wednesday

This was sent from this week's meeting in Bratislava.
Thank you to Andrej for sending it. - Allan in Highwood

Hello friends

Please find enclosed to this email some links
which I promised to provide you on our last session.
Most of them are legal texts, but because of some
of us are lawyer may it will be interesting reading
for you. If you remember we have discussed some
specific cases like problem of torture:

This is the documents which caused huge
debate in American legal academy. Autor
of this documents John Yoo analyzes compliance
of some practises of torture with american
constitution and other legal statutes...

Commentary of John Yoo about his work

Discussion on one czech legal blog
about this problem

We have also discussed some specific
cases of murder and moral and legal
responsibility of wrongdoer. The
following link is judicial decision
of English court in one such case.

Kind regards

Andrej B

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