Friday, May 9, 2008

Peter James and His Campaign

This was sent in by Pamela in Orland Park, IL. It is about the candidate that Johannes interviewed last week. I am very impressed by this Peter James fellow.
- Allan in Highwood

"Peter James is our Republican candidate in Maryland's 4th
Congressional District. Peter faces a special election on
June 17, which provides a unique opportunity for us to pick
up this seat. There will likely be low voter turn out, so
it is absolutely essential that Republicans, and
liberty-loving independents and Democrats, go out to vote
for Peter. Time is short and this election is rapidly
approaching, please do what you can to help Peter today."

-- Ron Paul

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Winning a Congressional race takes lots of money. Or so they
say. We were told that
in order for Ron Paul to win he needed to raise millions. Well
he raised those millions but
his message went unheard by millions that might have voted for
him had they heard his message.

I believe that there is a very low cost credible method to win
Congressional campaigns across the country.
I have won my primary with efficient direct mail and must now
face two General elections in Maryland's 4th District. On June
17th I will have a very low turn out election and can take
office immediately thereafter.

First, we need our own deliver system as the media is not
cooperating. Here is what I am doing about
it. I am developing a direct mail program that I can share
costs with local merchants and national
and international Ron Paul supporters that have some product or
service they wish to promote.
By mailing a "card stack" of 10 to 20 envelope sized
advertisements, a 25 cent postage rate drops to
2.5 or 1.25 cents per advertiser. So a 100K piece mailer now
costs only $1250 to $2500 in postage
instead of $25,000. We are looking to have weekly mailers to
all households this is our news outlet.

Instead of raising large amounts of money, I am making my own.
I have begun issuing a local currency
called JUST MONEY. This is a supplemental currency to help
local businesses by adding to the total
money supply that has been shrinking. I exchange 5 Terrapin
Notes for $5 Federal reserve Notes.
For every $2000 in Federal Reserve Notes I am removing from
circulation, I give away to one of the
JUST MONEY note holders an ounce of gold(~$860). This achieves
several things. I brands my campaign
as my web site is on the notes. So instead of having a flyer
that is read and thrown away, the note continues
to circulate. Imprinting my name everyday in the minds of
voters. By offering other local merchants
the ability to brand their businesses on the notes, they can
also have permanent advertising.

I am also developing a automated phone system for about $1000
a month I can have 100 VOIP
lines continually calling. But surveying local voters, I can
identify who the swing voters are and
which voters to ignore as to not inspire them to go out and
vote for my opponent.

We are scrapping web sites for business owners, home owners,
doctors, real estate agents, etc. We are
matching these name with local voters, party affiliation and
other demographics. To present custom
messages that will resonate with their most compelling issues.

To win this election I need to communicate a message that
resonates with only those voters that are
going to be voting. That will be roughly 10% or less of the
registered voters in my June 17th election.

By sending out absentee ballots to Republicans to increase
turnout and identifying swing independent
and democratic voters, I believe the election can be won for a
fairly low cost. Say $30,000.

Help me build this prototype campaign system and I will share
it with other liberty candidates.

Please go to my web site to donate just $5 to this cause. www.

Business owners please email me to purchase an ad for our
mailers to free market doctors,
Republicans that vote, business owners, and homeowners.
In liberty,

Peter James
just-money <> comcast

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