Friday, November 9, 2007

Great Article - Paul v. Bernake

This article is just excellent. A video accompanies it, which is also good. Who cares about the snide tone towards Paul in the first page of it and throughout, who cares about the fact that the author of the article does not share Paul's opinion, this article is part of what makes Paul's presidency excellent - his ideas are spreading. For thirty years the man has been talking about these policies, but today it is becoming news. Ron Paul, thank you for shedding light on your allegedly crackpot grievances, which so many other people out there share and wish they could get legitimately redressed.
- Allan

Paul vs. Bernanke on Value of the Dollar
Candidate Rep. Ron Paul Faces Off With Fed Chairman

When you are Ron Paul, your public enemy No. 1 is the chairman of the Federal Reserve.
Because when you are Ron Paul, although you are technically a Republican, you are really a libertarian, and your strict adherence to the gospel of the Constitution leads you to question why the Federal Reserve -- the consortium of 12 reserve banks that acts as the U.S. central bank -- even exists.

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