Saturday, November 3, 2007

From the Belly of the Beast

This one is sent to us from the Belly of the Beast meetup group in Washington DC.

Thank you for sending that email. As I think you already know, members of our group have already pledged $1,100 for this event. I have promised secrecy, so I will not ever be making any sort of announcement (publicly or privately) about who those members are. I simply wanted to point out that this was happening and to say thank you, as a fellow supporter, for your donations. You are helping to bring Ron Paul and his message closer to victory, and you are helping to ensure that we have Ron Paul as a messenger long into this campaign cycle. As I have been shown time and again by those in our group - this message is bigger than just 2008 and is a very important one.
- Allan

Ben Novak <> wrote:

Dear Americans in Europe for Ron Paul Lists:

I am forwarding a message sent by Sean which he asked be sent to everyone we know.


FWD: URGENT, FINAL PUSH: Ron Paul supporters, now is the time!

Most of you have probably already heard about the www. movement for the largest one day political
donation event in history. They already have over 15,000
signatures pledging to donate $100 this Monday at www., and that list was impressively gained in under
2 weeks!

However, even though that will be over a massive million and a
half dollar boost in one day, we are near the tipping point of
literally making history by achieving something no other
candidate, Republican or Democrat, could pull off.

Every one of the 62,607 Ron Paul Meetup members will get this e-
mail so the ball is in your hands. Please consider the
responsibility. Be able to tell your children and
grandchildren you were part of the Ron Paul revolution!

I guarantee everyone reading this e-mail is capable of getting
$100 dollars to donate, it just comes down to how devoted are
you? .....I have met people who are on the verge of losing
their homes, having trouble making ends meet even to put food
on the table, and yet still pledged a $100 for freedom. That
is devotion!

This will shock the media senseless and will be talked about
for years to come! Please join us,

By the way, do you have anyone from Ireland in this group. I
have many family members in the North and South of Ireland. I
was born in London and lived there for about eight years. If
you haven't already I know there are a couple of classical
liberal think-tanks around Europe that might be interested in
Ron Paul and his campaign if you have not already contacted.
Have a nice day.


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